Adorable German Shepherd Cross Breeds

Top German Shepherd Mixes

Combining the intelligence and loyalty of German Shepherds with other breeds creates unique companions.

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Poodle smarts meet Shepherd loyalty in this energetic, hypoallergenic mix.

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Golden Shepherd

Playful and friendly, this Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix is a family favorite.

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Combining Labrador Retriever friendliness with Shepherd intelligence, this mix is eager to please.

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Combining Collie intelligence and herding instincts with Shepherd loyalty, this mix is highly trainable.

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Gerberian Shepsky

Husky good looks meet Shepherd strength in this energetic, vocal mix.

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Australian Shepherd Mix

Combining Aussie herding instincts with Shepherd intelligence, this mix is energetic and athletic.

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Corman Shepherd

Corgi cuteness meets Shepherd loyalty in this short-legged, playful mix.

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