Chic Gray and White Feline Breeds

Gray & White Elegance

Looking for a distinguished feline friend? Consider these chic cat breeds with stunning gray & white coats!

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The Ragdoll, known for its floppy personality, comes in gorgeous colorpoint patterns with a gray mask & points.

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Russian Blue

The Russian Blue boasts a stunning silver-gray coat with emerald green eyes.

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The Chartreux is a gentle giant with a blue-gray coat & captivating golden eyes. Quiet & loyal, they're known as the "Smiling Cat."

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Nicknamed the "Longhaired Russian Blue," the Nebelung has a luxurious silver-gray coat with mesmerizing green eyes.

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Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a unique breed known for its "swimming cat" nickname.

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Tuxedo Cat

The Tuxedo cat isn't a specific breed, but a charming coat pattern featuring black & white! 

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Find Your Feline Friend

With so many beautiful options, there's a perfect gray & white cat waiting for you!

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