The split-second Godzilla X Kong scene confirms Mothra’s return to the Monsterverse

The latest Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire trailer revealed that one of Godzilla’s oldest and most beloved allies will make a triumphant return in the upcoming Monsterverse installment. The new Godzilla x Kong trailer provides more clarity on the overall plot of the film, with one of the key takeaways being the global magnitude of the threat, which will necessitate Godzilla and Kong’s dysfunctional relationship and alliance. It also focuses more on the human characters, particularly Jia, a young Iwi girl whom Kong trusts and communicates with.

It makes sense to believe that Godzilla and Kong won’t be the only Titans to defend the planet given the gravity of the threat posed to it by Skar King and his enigmatic, icy ally. The teaser shows that Jia has terrifying visions that shed light on the impending conflict—a conflict so big that it necessitates Godzilla taking on a more formidable form and Kong getting an arm augmentation made of metal. The time is right for Mothra, one of the original Guardian Titans of the Monsterverse, to make her comeback, with so much at stake.

The Godzilla X Kong trailer confirms Mothra’s return to the Monsterverse

Jia, the young Iwi girl who befriended Kong on Skull Island, is shown receiving a series of terrifying visions early in the new Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire trailer, all of which are about Skar King’s rise and the battle to stop him. At the 30-second mark, a brief image of Jia’s eye appears, with Mothra’s adult form reflected in it. It’s mixed in with other images of Titans and the destruction they cause, but Mothra’s brief appearance only shows her face.

Her appearance in a number of images from the upcoming conflict suggests that she will take part in the final battle to rid the world of the threat posed by the Skar King and his allies. Mothra has a long history in the Toho films as a protector of the Earth and a force for good, so it’s obvious which side she’d take in any Titan conflict. Her sacrifice in the Monsterverse permanently altered Godzilla, echoing her role in many previous iterations of the character.

Given the likelihood that Godzilla x Kong won’t just repeat her sacrifice, there’s a chance she’ll use another tactic to change the course of the conflict. Though those seem like they would have little effect on either Skar King or Shimo, the ice dragon Titan who allies with the villainous ape, the Monsterverse’s Mothra is armed with a long and deadly stinger and some pointed legs that she’s not afraid to use in self-defense, unlike the Toho versions of the character. Though brief, Mothra’s rebirth will probably have an impact on how the conflict is resolved, which makes her brief appearance in Jia’s vision crucial.

How The Monsterverse Has Already Set Up Mothra’s Godzilla X Kong Appearance

Mothra’s return was hinted at in the end credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which featured a shot of a news article about Monarch discovering a massive insect egg, complete with a speculative headline implying that it could be Mothra. That tease was followed in Godzilla vs. Kong by a brief glimpse of the title of a podcast episode by Bernie Hayes, the Titan conspiracy theorist played by Brian Tyree Henry, titled “Mothra Pregnancy Theory”. Given that one of Mothra’s most famous abilities is rebirth, it’s only natural that she’ll return for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

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